Publish changes to ads instantaneously — so highly personalized ads can be delivered.



Flite's patented Ripple Live Updates allows marketers to publish changes to ads instantaneously, at scale, all without needing to be re-trafficked — so highly personalized ads can be delivered with ease.

Manage Unexpected Changes Easily

Make updates to any part of a live running campaign and/or creative.
Add, swap or delete creatives, or alter campaign rules and conditions at a campaign level. Alter specific elements like texts, images, icons, actions, etc. on a creative level.


Make Every Impression Count

Publish changes at warp speed, without any downtime. 
Hit publish, and Ripple Live Updates syncs the new version immediately in the next impression.

Reach Your Audience at Once

Publish changes at unprecedented scale.
Hit publish, and Ripple Live Updates automatically replaces all existing versions with new versions, everywhere around the globe, wherever your ad is served.



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