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SAN FRANCISCO, CA—(Marketwire - May 28, 2013) -  Flite, the ad innovation company, today announced the release of the first-ever eBook on the topic of paid media publishing, titled:The Essential Guide to Paid Media Publishing: Scaling Content Marketing into Display Advertising.

The eBook offers best practices and in-depth examples of the world’s top brands leveraging paid media publishing, the practice of extending brand marketing into paid media units.

The 15-page document includes:

  • How paid media publishing amplifies digital marketing efforts
  • Ways that display can be a scalable content delivery system 
  • Creating, optimizing, and publishing content to ad units 
  • 2 case studies: Charles Schwab and Bentley 
  • 12 example ad formats

Among the highlights: an overview of the realities of the new digital landscape, Bentley’s IAB Rising Star Unit with double the average engagement rate of similar ads, Charles Schwab’s quick reaction to update ads in the midst of a financial crisis, and how paid media publishing applies to agile marketing, creative optimization, and content-rich advertising.

“Given that the trend of paid media publishing is growing quickly, we believe that it’s important to bring all of this material together in one convenient package to illustrate how to apply the concepts that we’re seeing many of our clients leverage,” said Will Price, CEO of Flite.