Facebook hasn't said much about Atlas in the year since buying it, but it has been making incremental tweaks to the product. Today it took a bigger step, launching a creative partner program with rich media vendors Innovid and Flite. The deal will let Atlas's agency customers more easily integrate rich media into their campaigns, both from a trafficking and reporting standpoint.

According to Erik Johnson, the Facebook executive in charge of Atlas, the deal "signals to the marketplace our partner friendly approach to the broader ecosystem." Future partner integrations are likely to be announced around search and analytics, Johnson said, but he declined to go into details.

A new day for Atlas? It's too early to speculate, but the "API bazaar" approach is in keeping with Facebook's open approach, which gave rise to its sprawling Preferred Marketing Developer program and its expanding Mobile Measurement Partner program. Integrating with scaled partners on ad serving might help Atlas better compete with bigger players like DoubleClick for Advertisers and Sismek (formerly Mediamind).

Flite bills itself as a tool for the creation, delivery, and measurement of display ads with advanced interactive features. Innovid offers tools to port video ads into a variety of formats. Both bill themselves as "multi device."

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