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Excerpts about Flite below: link.d3 is powered by SMG’s partnerships with a growing list of technology companies, including Flite, Kontera, Twitter and ShareThis. These partnerships, says Lisa Weinstein, president-global digital, data and analytics at SMG, help the agency’s client brands increase marketing agility and connect with consumers at meaningful moments.

The Starcom/Planters team rapidly responded by creating content around the theme “Nighttime snacking that won’t break your healthy diet.” The stories offered consumers a list of healthy options to eat before bedtime. The content ran across and was also distributed through display media leveraging SMG partner Flite.

Being “always on” also means continually refining the content as new insights emerge. Midway through the Planters effort, the analytics team noticed that consumers were honing in on a heart-health message featured in one of the ads. The team responded by applying that message to all the content; the Flite technology made that process easy and seamless.

Then a technology platform like Flite, which we have partnered with, underpins the ability to deliver an agile product for a client like Kraft—to truly leverage real-time consumer insight, to distribute content at scale through paid media. So on both of those levels, for consumers and marketers, I think it’s an unprecedented time of change and there is probably a lot more coming.