Users love content. As a result, brands love content marketing.

However, there is one problem: How do brands find the scale and ability to reach millions of people with the content that they produce?

“Content plus reach” is the answer to the perennial problem of how to amplify content marketing programs that work. Brands must move beyond their websites’ domains to reach the full Web, both mobile and display.

From social media to blogs to their own websites, marketers are increasingly adopting an integrated approach to using owned, earned, and paid media, with each channel mutually reinforcing the others. Across all media channels, content is growing rapidly in importance.

In fact, research shows that B2B marketers plan to spend 33% of their marketing budgets on content marketing this year, up from double digits in 2012. This increase comes as companies notice a consumer preference for original content over traditional advertising. While it is common for brands to develop content for their owned and earned channels, it is still virtually nonexistent in paid media, and especially in display advertising

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