Limitations in technology have traditionally caused display ads to be essentially fixed assets. Because campaign approval often takes weeks or months, marketers are bound by stale messaging and therefore miss opportunities to connect with customers about what they care about right now.

With recent advances in ad technology, however, brands can now publish their content marketing through paid media channels for the first time at scale. This trend fundamentally shifts the way brands, both large and small, reach customers.

For example, earlier this year, Shell hosted its annual Eco-marathon competition in which students built energy-efficient vehicles. Instead of static banner ads promoting the event, Shell streamed behind-the-scenes video footage and changed the ad content each day. Because of this dynamic content, the campaign achieved much higher customer engagement: 3x CTR and +35% interaction rate vs. the industry average.

Like Shell, many other brands are now foregoing disruptive broadcast advertising for the chance to offer relevant content to customers in the form of videos, recipes, product ideas, tips and more. The idea is to deliver content and interactive functionality in ads to bring a full, branded experience to consumers wherever they happen to be. 

See eMedia Vitals for the full byline by Will Price, Flite's CEO.