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A new release from Flite may up the engagement factor when it comes to online ads. By including content from across the webs, including social, video and other rich media options, the ads should help to better engage consumers with content, lowering the ad blindness factor.


FliteHub’s third party partners include MovieConnect by Aura Group, Mashery, ePrize and Mass Relevance.


“Our social media curation and moderation service outputs easily into the Flite platform as an RSS feed, but we see great value in packaging our service as a configurable ad component to make it even easier for brands and agencies to curate social content in Flite ads,” said Sam Decker, CEO, Mass Relevance.


The FliteHub platform helps brands better integrate display ads with the web’s leading applications, delivering content directly into the unit - social media feeds, for example, or video from an upcoming movie release. This type of content may more deeply engage consumers, increasing brand recall and purchase intent because it offers viewers content relevant to them.


“Ad components are like apps for your ads,” said Will Price, CEO of Flite. “It’s game-changing for the advertising industry as it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for display. FliteHub launches with a palette of powerful ad components and an active stream of partners in the pipeline. These partners will leverage Flite to generate revenue and increase their exposure to some of the world’s top brands. With FliteHub, brands are able to better reach their customers, and their customers benefit from a richer, more engaging web experience.”


Flite says they plan to create an atmosphere similar to app stores to help advertisers increase revenue. Any third-party developer can create and launch ad content from the platform.