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Flite is a cloud-based platform that allows marketers to create online display advertising that incorporate real-time content streams, such as videos and polls, from across the web.


Its APIs can connect consumers to data and Flite can be integrated with brands’ social media content.


Ways the product benefits social media campaigns


Flite allows brands to deliver ads that function like micro-sites by bringing in video, social content, polls and other interactive elements. Display advertising that is social and targeted to audiences with relevant and updated information may have greater potential to connect with consumers.


Consumers can interact with a brand from within the unit, without having to click through to a new page. Marketers can serve real-time social media content in ads — from sources such as RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube — while being able to switch out content to reflect new product launches and trending topics.



Coolest feature


With Flite’s ad builder, social media marketers can build, serve and measure ads using a process that is designed to result in lower costs and shorter turnaround times.


Feature rundown




  • Metrics & Measurement – Flite’s metrics and analytics include hovers, mobile shares, video completion rates and all other actions consumers take within ad units.
  • Mobile & Device Delivery – Ads are built with both Flash and HTML5 for tablet and mobile compatibility with iPad, iPhone, Android and other devices..
  • Self-Service Tools – Web-based builders can be used by non-technical users to customize and edit ad.
  • Live Updates – Real-time updates allow brands to serve audiences content that can be swapped and switched mid-campaign. Brands can modify their campaigns as they are in-progress, using the latest, relevant memes and themes.


User review


“We’re always looking to push the boundaries. Our partnership with cloud-based advertising platform, Flite allows us to enter the customers’ path to purchase during the “consider” stage by allowing them to actually interact with the ad in real time thus engaging them in a unique way.” — Marc Speichert, CMO L’Oreal USA





Flite’s pricing varies depending on whether clients license the platform to build their own ads or have Flite develop the ad, with charges on a CPM basis.


Compared to competition



According to the company, “The vast majority of banner display ads today have not changed or evolved since the mid-90s. Brands and advertisers are looking to connect with consumers in a way that is more engaging than a piece of creative, tagline and call to action. Flite’s cloud-based ad platform provides a solution. Flite proides a solution by making it simple to scale campaigns, change creative to optimize performance and deliver content through multiple channels. Traditional display ads are not delivering an experience that meets current expectations, and as such, are ignored (banner blindness). Flite is bringing innovation and social media capabilities to the display ad space, bringing brands to life and increasing consumer engagement.”