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In an IAB Innovation panel today entitled All Grown Up:Display Comes of Age, IDG Tech Media Lab Director of Client Development Ekapat Chareonlarp said, “this play is not about click away.” By that he meant brands and agencies must shift their focus away from web advertising that urges people to click on a banner to get to another site to ad units that engage the user without leaving the page.


The use of APIs and other technologies can change the ad banner from an interim method of moving people from one place to another into a destination unto itself.


Speaking at Internet Week’s IAB Innovation Days, Flite CEO Will Price gave a demonstration of his company’s product which make it drag and drop simple to create rich ad banners that function as standalone websites.


This theme of banner-as-destination ran throughout the day at Innovation Days which was all about the future of display advertising. The sense is that the standard as banner is long dead. Focus of click troughs should quickly follow. And banners must become fully functional, engaging mini destination sites that don’t require the person to leave the page they came to.


Flite aims to make the creation of this new style of banner as easy as creating a Facebook fan page.


Of Flite’s offering and it’s relation to ad networks, Price said, “Too often, ad networks are forced to settle for extremely basic units because they lack the time and resources to serve engaging, rich media ads that are proven to perform better. Our goal with our lineup of products is to give ad networks a way to differentiate their offerings, deliver better results, and demand higher premiums. By using Flite’s platform, networks can now easily build interactive ads in a fraction of the time previously required, while increasing audience engagement and performance.”