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Mobile ad network Greystripe has introduced a new ad unit, which among other things reflects a growing trend amount vendors to offer component parts for advertisers to build their own ads quickly on their platforms. The new ad unit is called Ad Boosters, which can be deployed in different ways.



One is an industry-focused approach, with features specific to vertical markets like retail, package goods, automotive, travel, tech, health or restaurants. Advertisers can customize them by inserting buttons for specific actions into the ad’s code. Select Booster buttons are packaged together and provided as bundles for specific industries, Tech Crunch says, pointing to an Auto Booster that would include a “Learn More” button, “Video” and “Find Dealer” option. The Restaurant Booster offers a “Menu,” “Call” and “Find Restaurant” button.


The ad unit also offers social networking integrations, with support for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Ad Boosters also support such “click-to-actions” as: Buy, Deals/Daily Deals, Coupons, Video, Recommend, Download, Call Store Locator, Mobile Website.


This DIY component-building trend is also seen in an ad component marketplace launched by Flite.  Called FliteHub, it is aimed at the ad development space, allowing companies to build display ads with component applications or for videos, coupons, maps, and social-media feeds that can be embedded in an ad. “Ad components are like apps for your ads,” explains Will Price, CEO of Flite. “It’s game-changing for the advertising industry as it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for display.” Launch partners include ePrize, MovieConnect, Mashery, Aditive, ChatID, Mass Relevance and TechTarget.