San Francisco, CA (September 7, 2016) – Ever wonder when it will be possible for a hotel chain to offer a 360 video tour of a travel destination or an automotive manufacturer to offer a 360-degree tour of their car’s interior, yet all within an ad that is personalized to the consumer? It just became possible.

Flite, an industry-leading Creative Management Platform (CMP), today unveiled the first advertising unit that couples a 360-degree video or image with all of the 1:1 personalization of a CMP. Similar to Facebook 360 Video or YouTube 360 video, Flite 360° supports video or images for 360-degree spherical viewing, and adds all of the available interactive elements and personalization components from the Flite CMP platform.

“Flite 360° helps brand advertisers convey captivating stories, spaces and experiences in a truly immersive way, while also offering the critical 1:1 marketing component that marketers have come to expect,” said Giles Goodwin, CEO, Flite.

Flite 360° ads are available on all devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) and creation begins with an existing 360° video or image that is uploaded or dragged/dropped into the Flite console. From there, interactive elements such a CTA leading to a landing page can be layered on top of the 360° video or image. For example, a hotel chain could personalize their Flite 360° video campaign with different, specific brand messaging or CTA copy for a variety of different groups they are trying to engage, such as business travelers, families traveling for leisure or honeymooners.


Flite 360° is also compatible with cardboard viewers, and also allows:

- automatic playback within the ad unit, with or without sound

- ability to toggle gyroscope navigation

- auto rotation of images

- auto rotation on scroll option

- ability to set initial view position

- auto-pause video when not in view, auto-resume when in view

- interactive overlay - so that users can either interact with the ad, or scroll past it

- ability to start with a 360° panoramic poster image

Additional elements and functionality will soon be added to Flite 360° including: hotspots and the ability to manually trigger which hotspot is in view, the ability to animate the camera view position according to time (both for video and images), and VPAID and MRAID compatibility.