Creative management platform Flite has launched what it calls a scalable ad-building tool for vertical video, or videos shot and/or viewed on mobile devices.

It’s the latest news that seems to give added legitimacy to vertical videos, which, per Greg Jarboe, president of content marketing agency SEO-PR, were once considered rookie mistakes because YouTube would center the videos and add black bars to the left and right.

“But that was five years ago when only 6 percent of views were coming from smartphones,” Jarboe said. “Today, more than half of YouTube videos and over three-quarters of Facebook videos are watched on smartphones. So shooting horizontal videos that will be watched vertically just means the image will be made smaller to fit. This makes details harder to see. So savvy video marketers are rejecting the old rules…and shooting vertically for audiences that will watch them vertically and get to see more details.”

Further, Snapchat and Instagram videos are watched primarily in the vertical position on smartphones, Jarboe noted.

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