Digital Advertising Needs to Grow Up

We all know there’s something wrong with the digital advertising industry. But like children pointing fingers after a playground scuffle, we’re all sure the problem started with someone else.

Whether it’s ad fraud, viewability, ad blocking or any of today’s thorny industry problems, we all have one refrain: “It’s not my fault.” Brands and agencies whine that networks and exchanges aren’t doing enough to separate human viewers from bots. Publishers complain that nefarious traffic creates distrust and drives CPMs down.

It’s time for us to admit that these excuses are just that: excuses. If we want to heal what ails us, we have to take responsibility for our ads. And that means showing them a lot more attention than we currently do. Sure, we pour countless dollars and man-hours into digital ad creative and media targeting and buying – but do we know much about how users actually interact with the results?

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