The Out-Dated Notion of Branding Vs Performance

Advertisers, and the marketing campaigns they execute, are often categorised as either branding or performance, with completely different strategies and objectives. Giles Goodwin (pictured below), CEO, Flite, speaks to ExchangeWire about how marketing shouldn’t be viewed so parochially as branding or performance; but, instead, that we have the capabilities to be able to achieve both.

As programmatic media buying has made the concept of serving the ‘right ad, to the right person, at the right time’ more possible than ever, creative has been slow to catch up. That leaves most marketers with two options: a high-performance campaign with measurable results, or a beautiful piece of creative content aiming to bolster brand affinity. But it’s 2016, and the digital ecosystem has evolved to the point that we should be asking: “Why can’t we have both?”

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