Amplify engaging, shareable, and contextually-relevant content through ads.


Datastream makes it possible to incorporate any live, feed-based content into display ads so marketers can easily design ads around existing, real-time content.

Leverage Content from Any Feed

Pull in any form of feed-based content such as social posts, news headlines, blog posts, calendar events, audio or video playlists directly into display ads. 

Datastream accepts feeds from any of the following sources: JSON, XML, RSS and major social channels. 

Leverage Location Data

Build and deliver locally relevant ads easily by incorporating location data into your ad design. 


Update Ads Instantly

Stream new content automatically so your ads are constantly fresh, relevant and timely.

Easily Manage and Curate Content

You have full control over what your audience sees. Display latest content, or curate a specific selection. 

Example of a Datastream powered ad.

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