Solution At a Glance

CHALLENGE: Build an engaging ad that prominently features interactive media and movie content from Wikia to generate excitement around the release of The Hobbit movie.

SOLUTION: An ad that features a personality quiz that pulls users in and encourages social sharing.

RESULT: An all-time high quiz of 20,000 submissions within 4 days. A massive 0.37% CTR and 0.44% share rate on Twitter.

The Quiz

The Hobbit Personality Quiz was developed to promote content created by the Wikia community in conjunction with the release of The Hobbit. The quiz was featured as part of Wikia’s Fantasy Fellowship, a custom marketing program which incorporated advertisement across 30 wikis.

With The Hobbit Personality Quiz, anyone can find out what Middle-earth race they are: Hobbit, Human, Elf, Dwarf or Orc. Users answer 7 questions about themselves, themed to the fantasy world of The Hobbit. The results show how popular a fantasy race is and include an easy social sharing button to tweet to friends.


The Hobbit Personality Quiz was an instant hit, garnering impressive interaction and engagement rates. Within the first 4 days, the ad generated an all-time high of 20,000 quiz submissions — the equivalent of 3.5 submissions per minute.

After 2 weeks, engagement was still going strong, reaching a high of 55k submissions and 122k views.  Many users were so intrigued that they engaged multiple times to see how their answers changed.

The massive engagement translated to more clicks too, with a 0.37% CTR. Plus hundreds of users tweeted their results, driving over 4,000 clicks from Twitter back to the quiz. The majority of people were Hobbits at 32%, with only 9% being Dwarves.

Offering content-rich elements, such as personality quizzes, go far beyond traditional static text and image advertising.  By incorporating content that is engaging, interactive, and entertaining, brands and publishers can surpass advertising campaign goals.

Good ads — they’re fun for the user, effective for the advertiser.

Metrics at a Glance

  • 71% of engaged users spent 5+ secs. 56% engaged for more than 1 minute with the ad
  • 1 minutes 39 seconds average time on unit
  • 0.37% CTR
  • 0.44% share rate on Twitter
  • Each tweet averaged an astonishing 6.5 clicks back to the quiz, totaling 4,345 extra visits
  • 54,875 quiz submissions (45% Completion Rate)

A Reusable Ad Product

Using the Flite Platform, Wikia created a customizable quiz application which allows them to create unique quizzes for different brands and wikis that look unique, yet are generated and supported on the same platform. Each templated version is easy to duplicate, customize and re-apply the winning formula to a new theme, saving production time and resources.

The Personality Quiz template can be applied to many of Wikia’s popular content-driven communities to produce advertising quizzes such as “Which Avenger Are You?” and “Which Star Wars Character Are You?”

In fact, The Hobbit Personality Quiz was so successful with Wikia’s US audience that the team extended it to the German market. Leveraging Flite’s Ad Studio, the entire ad had a German duplicate ready in less than an hour. This marked the first time that an ad like this was internationalized.

About Wikia

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