Solution At a Glance

CHALLENGE: To create immersive ad products for luxury brands that increase user engagement rate and raises brand awareness.

SOLUTION: Martini Media used the Flite Platform to create unique ad units for Bentley Motors that included rich media content to target high-income prospective buyers.

RESULT: With engagement rates over 5%—double that of similar ads for automotive clients—Martini Media delivered a resonant ad experience, and led to expanded business with the client.

About Martini Media

Martini Media is the digital media and content platform for engaging the audience with the most money and influence online. With more than 1,000 publishers organized across multiple lifestyle and business verticals, Martini Media has helped the world’s leading brands reach over 125 million consumers across the globe. Martini Media’s full-service marketing capabilities encompass display, video, mobile, social, and audience targeting to effectively engage the most valuable audience online at scale.

The Challenge

The digital advertising space for auto brands is competitive. Advertisers have typically designed robust, rich-experience landing pages with popular features like color selectors, videos, 360° rotating visualizers, and high-res photo galleries, but their display ads, unable to make full use of high-quality creative assets, have served as nothing but teasers.

Bentley Motors, the luxury automobile brand, competes in an aggressive global market. Using the Flite Ad Platform, Martini Media in collaboration with Bentley Motors aimed to improve Bentley’s brand awareness and favorability in the digital ad space.

To achieve greater awareness among high-income prospective buyers, Bentley needed to reach their target audience in a sophisticated style. Embracing Bentley’s dedication to “take a driver from ultimate relaxation to ultimate exhilaration”, Martini Media was challenged to create digital content that would attract the campaign’s targeted audience—successful executives that work hard and play hard—and increase user engagement.

The Solution

Martini Media, using interactive technology available through the Flite Platform, developed unique, richly interactive ad units for Bentley Motors that bring the most excitingly immersive experiences found on luxury vehicle websites into paid placements. Creating ad units with linked articles targeted for affluent professionals, rotating visualizers, color selectors, and engaging video have given Bentley an opportunity to provide web users with interactive experiences to their high-end automobiles without having to leave the page.

Using the Flite Platform, Martini Media created two interactive ad units that worked beautifully for luxury auto brands: the Portrait and the Dashboard. Emphasizing functionality and layout, the Portrait and the Dashboard make it easy to update content and encourage meaningful user engagement.

In an organized, three-tier skyscraper ad, the Portrait can display video, rotating visualizers, and linked articles. While marketing these ads on, Martini Media incorporated Forbes’ fresh premium content into the Portrait. These articles on business and business leadership were a natural fit for the campaign’s target audiences.

Pleased with the Portrait’s engagement results, Bentley Motors signed on for another campaign. Martini Media built another ad unit called the Dashboard, an accordion-style billboard unit that gives brands a better way to highlight videos, photo galleries, and other creative assets. Hovering over one of the three section titles expands and begins streaming in the content. The simple and clean design presents user-friendly navigation and enables brands to bring in updated content easily.

The sophisticated, content-rich style of the Portrait and Dashboard ads have clearly illustrated Bentley’s mission to create refined, handcrafted, and distinctively designed automobiles to successful business leaders.

The Results

Engagement metrics confirm that Martini Media’s ad units deliver what users like. With an engagement rate of over 5%, the Portrait ad campaign succeeded in encouraging active participation with the ad unit.

The Portrait yielded twice the average engagement rate of similar Bentley ads. The custom video player showcasing the new Bentley Continental GT Speed was enthusiastically well received by users with an average play duration of 59 seconds. The Dashboard recorded even better results.

“We loved being able to present Bentley Motors with an ad experience that their luxury automobiles deserve,” said Alex Wiehl, graphic designer at Martini Media. “And given the genuine value both the Portrait and Dashboard experiences give users, it’s no wonder these ad units performed so well. We’re continuing to innovate using Flite to deliver similarly outstanding performance for our other clients.”

Martini Media continues to create groundbreaking ad products, leveraging the flexibility of the Flite Platform to create ad products that set the firm apart from its competitors. In addition to its Portrait and Dashboard products, Martini has created the Adalog, a retail-friendly unit that enables a brochure-like browsing experience.

“We’re excited to continue to build ad units that provide the content and experience that resonate with our clients’ customers,” said Michael Goldberg, senior director of marketing. “We settle for nothing less than best-in-class executions, and the Flite Platform enables us to translate our creative vision and know-how into ad units with serious impact.”