CHALLENGE: To extend the reach of content marketing, deepen relationships with Hispanic moms, and build brand associations between Frosted Flakes andcore family values.

SOLUTION: Create relevant content in both English and Spanish on topics that matter to moms, and feature full articles directly in ads.

RESULT: An astounding 7x increase in the consumption of branded content compared to owned media alone, and an impressive 10% engagement rate.


Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes wanted to connect with Hispanic moms with topics that they knew this demographic cared about, such as fun family activities and ways for parents and children to stay active together. The brand decided to use content to build this story, and needed a way to showcase interesting articles directly in display ads. The key was to have customers engage at the point of interest without navigating to another browser page.


To deliver on these goals, Kellogg’s and Starcom MediaVest Group decided to organically integrate the Frosted Flakes brand throughout custom-created editorial content. They worked closely with MamásLatinas, an online community for moms como tú (“moms like you” in Spanish) which offers bilingual articles covering everything from parenting to entertainment, as well as news, advice, and opinions on all topics Latina moms are talking about.

The campaign team published a series of editorial articles and interactive videos within the MamásLatinas network. Then Flite’s creative services team built three different versions of both Spanish and English language creatives across multiple ad sizes for desktop and mobile using the Flite Platform.

"Our work has shown the benefits of publishing content directly into display in order to deliver scaled experiences. It is crucial to use cutting-edge technology which enables brands to do this with agility, and the Frosted Flakes work illustrates the power of doing so."

- Lindsay Lichtenberg, VP of Publishing Platform and Partnerships at Starcom MediaVest Group

These ads pulled in content that was informative and optimistic, promoting the concept of “team family” – family activities that promoted teamwork, exercise, and an active lifestyle. For example, the ads included a variety of listicles, such as “4 Surprising Benefits of Sports for Girls” and “6 Fun Activities for Your Family to be Active on Weekends” that grabbed the user’s attention.

Because the Flite Platform enables marketers to make updates in real-time, the team frequently pushed out new content and optimized based on information about what consumers found most engaging. When customers commented or shared the articles on Facebook and Twitter, Kellogg’s instantly updated the ads to showcase the user-generated responses. This amplified the positive social media sentiment far beyond the MamásLatinas community.


The Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes campaign ran from June to October 2013 and was a big hit among Hispanic moms.

The brand was delighted to successfully expand the reach of their content to a much broader audience than the customers who typically visited their website. The campaign also increased content consumption by a massive 7x compared to owned media alone (6.7MM vs. 0.9MM). Because content was published directly into display ads, it reached more of the right customers at the time when they were most interested in learning about topics they cared about.

The relevant content – featured in the ad itself – allowed users to enjoy interesting articles without having to click through. With a 10% engagement rate, the campaign beat the internal benchmark (6%) by a significant margin. The campaign also generated an additional 1,607 earned responses on social media from consumers eager to participate in conversations inspired by the content.

Kellogg’s success with targeted, content-rich ads proves what marketers have always known: good advertising should provide consumers a reason to pay attention. By understanding their customers’ interests, Frosted Flakes used display advertising to help cement an association between its brand and the values Latina mothers strive to embrace.