CHALLENGE: To showcase fresh, relevant content to drive customer engagement before, during, and after an event (a major UFC fight).

SOLUTION: Create ad units with interactive functionality and up-to-date content for a campaign targeting a customer segment (the Latino market).

RESULT: Incredible interaction rate of 22.9% — 6x the industry average of 3.6% — and insights into customer behavior to apply to future campaigns.


Corn Nuts, a brand within Kraft’s portfolio, had a long-standing strategic brand partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world.

This partnership was born from consumer research that indicated that the Latino population, an important demographic for Corn Nuts, enjoyed watching UFC and learning about fighters with similar cultural backgrounds. Corn Nuts had access to lots of UFC fighter biographies, workout routines, and videos, and wanted to offer this content to a greater audience through display ads.


Corn Nuts wanted to deepen their connection with the Latino customer, and sought to create a display advertising campaign that offered content relevant to followers of upcoming UFC fights.

The primary campaign objectives were to:

  • Boost awareness of Corn Nuts
  • Drive engagement
  • Focus on brand favorability and brand lift
  • Reach customers via multi-screen storytelling (desktop and mobile)
  • Use content to engage customers in a scalable way


Corn Nuts worked with Flite and Tapestry, a multicultural unit of Starcom MediaVest Group, to determine the strategy and execution. Together, they identified the kind of content that would best appeal to customers. This included information about fitness, weight-lifting, and specific fighters, as well as functionality like in-ad tweeting, a countdown clock and QR codes.

They then sent the assets to Flite’s in-house creative team, who built the ads using the award-winning Flite Platform. The ads were packed with engaging functionality and content, and included the three most popular display ad unit sizes (300x250, 728x90, 160x600) and two mobile units.

The plan was to feature different content throughout the campaign: evergreen, pre-fight, during the fight, and post-fight. For example, the evergreen content was about fitness routines and proper form for specific exercises (planks, squats, etc), while the post-fight content was about event highlights and the winner of the match.

Flite gave us the flexibility to test different concepts related to UFC, which ultimately allowed us to offer more interesting ads that customers wanted to engage with.

-Roxanna Tirado, VP, Media Director, Tapestry, Starcom MediaVest Group

Since the Flite Platform captured detailed metrics about ad engagement, Corn Nuts could see what customers were interacting with and easily swap out content to optimize their ads.

For example, for the Silva vs Weidman fight in July 2013, engagement metrics indicated that content about exercise regimens and fitness advice was popular. As the date of the fight drew closer, however, ads with specific messaging about the event became even more engaging for users. Corn Nuts applied these insights to the development of subsequent UFC fight campaign creatives to drive improved engagement.


The results greatly exceeded expectations. The campaign had an engagement rate of 12.4%, and a whopping interaction rate of 22.9%. That represents a staggering six times the industry average interaction rate.

"The Flite Platform allowed us to push underutilized content into interactive ads, update frequently, and engage UFC and Corn Nuts fans in ways that would have been difficult and cumbersome to do otherwise.”

-Roxanna Tirado, VP, Media Director, Tapestry, Starcom MediaVest Group

The Flite Platform provided Corn Nuts with a scalable approach to distribute marketing content to existing and potential customers across the web. By updating the ads regularly, the brand stayed relevant to its Latino target audience and offered content that appealed to their interest in UFC.

* The industry average interaction rate was 3.6% according to Google DoubleClick Benchmarks, June-July 2013.