Election season is heating up and candidates are being tasked with personalizing their campaign to both their core audience as well as those teetering on which direction to cast their vote. And just like every other “vertical” nowadays, digital advertising is the platform for these personalized campaign messages to be served to voters.

We say this for good reason. Digital advertising is expected to break $1 billion during the 2016 Presidential Election — that’s more than a 4,000% increase from 20081. Political publishers and advertisers not only need to leverage data for their ads, but they need to connect that data with tailored creative and premium ad products to reach a very precise voter audience. Partnering with a CMP who can combine rich design with data to create personalized yet scalable ads will be a pivotal move this election.

Make Intelligent Creative Your Strategic Advantage

We consider a fully self-service platform where design and data converge to be our strategic advantage, but it can be yours too. More than ever before, U.S. voters are fragmented by age, political party, voter issues, language preference and more. There’s simply not a one-size-fits-all solution for advertising to this audience. Intelligent creative is the answer.





Flite’s Political Suite consists of premium, data and content-driven, and customizable video and display ad products for brands and publishers to capitalize on election season. These ad products are easily built and can be leveraged for National and Local campaigns. We have even built a demo on how simple it is to build a political ad in Flite's Design Studio!


In all advertising, personalization increases the impact of brand (or candidate, or proposition) messaging and increases monetization for publishers. Powerful and customized creative, in a captivating ad format, will tremendously impact breaking through amidst a heated advertising environment.

A vote for personalized creative is a vote for digital success in 2016!

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