Considering content marketing's enormous scope$44 billion according to a comprehensive estimate by the Custom Content Councilit's no surprise that a large range of software and platform solutions have emerged to help scale marketers' workflows. Altimeter Group, a tech research and consulting firm, has just released a report on the landscape of content marketing software vendors that provides context to the various service segments.

The report begins with the premise that platform/tool selection is a difficult proposition. Vendors' offerings are highly differentiated and present a wide range of capabilities that might not be relevant to all marketers' needs. The report's author, Rebecca Lieb, suggests that evolution in the space will drive consolidation and the formation of end-to-end solutions incorporating capabilities from content creation to compliance within the next two years.

In the meantime, marketers are urged to examine their use cases and choose from software options based on their needs. For example, a marketer that doesn't need the full stack of options but needs to focus their efforts on curation and optimization might choose to prioritize integrating sharing platforms, search, marketing cloud and storage platforms from among the plethora of available solutions.

Among over three dozen players in the space, Flite was profiled with a ranked list of our top three use cases:

  1. Curation/Aggregation (via CONTENT@SCALE)
  2. Optimization
  3. Analytics

We are listed as additionally providing capabilities in Workflow and Distribution.

Readers of the report that are interested in additional insights are invited to attend a webinar hosted on June 4 at 1pm Eastern.