After six years as CEO of Flite, I am thrilled to announce that Giles Goodwin is succeeding me as CEO.  Giles will be responsible for defining Flite's vision, leading our talented team, and working with our top partners and customers to realize the promise of content marketing's future.

First, I want to thank Flite's employees, customers, partners, and investors for allowing me the honor of leading this fine organization. I leave a different and better person for having led Flite.

Second, I am grateful to Giles and the passion and energy he brings to the role. As Flite's founder and President of Technology, Giles is the perfect choice to provide Flite not only continuity of culture and purpose, but also the skills and depth required to chart us to future success.  The Valley treasures founder CEOs for a reason, and I know that Flite will find the combination powerful.

Finally, I am pleased to report that I will continue to serve on Flite's Board of Directors and will work closely with Giles, the team, and our top partners over the months to come.

Here's to the future,