No one in the digital advertising space has missed the explosion of social media activity by large brands over the past few years, particularly during major media and sporting events when everyone's eyes are shuttling between their television and their phone or tablet. After every year's Oscars and Super Bowl, the advertising world is abuzz with chatter about which social media forays garnered outsized attention for brands (think Oreo at the Super Bowl in 2013 and Arby's at the Grammys this year). Brands with an impeccable sense of timing and creative smarts earn well-deserved kudos.

What's discussed less is how many brands are effectively playing a zero-sum game by limiting their social media campaigns to the social media platforms themselves. Facebook has been rumored to be putting a slow squeeze on the organic reach of Pages. And taking in event-day Tweets can be a little like trying to sip from a firehose; often only the most catchy ones rise above the fray.

With this growing development in mind, we have published a free eBook, Beyond the Feed: Extending Social Media Marketing into Paid Media. The book specifically addresses:

  • Real-world examples of brands "doing social right."
  • Capabilities of display ads with social media content and functionality.
  • How brands can amplify their social media investments off-platform.

We hope the eBook provides fuel for thought and discussion as marketers look to amplify the impact of successes in social media.