Flite's co-founder and President of Product and Technology Giles Goodwin was honored to be interviewed here in Flite's San Francisco office a few weeks ago, as part of Dell's #Founders Chats series on CIO.com.

In a couple of minutes, and with a colorful backdrop of our busy office, Giles imparts wisdom gleaned from his experience as a successful startup founder in the digital ad space. Here are a few highlights from this #Founders chat.

The current state of digital advertising

Most of us don’t have a favorable view of ads online, and we think that can be changed. There’s all this great content, great sites, great apps - and we think with the right tools and the right platform that ads can be just as good.

The people factor

Hiring is one the easiest things to do wrong … As you interview, really take a careful look at who you add to the team and make sure that you’re checking for both skills and a cultural fit.

The challenges of adapting to a dynamic market

Focus - Narrowing efforts and trying one thing ... Every feature should work its way into the platform. You need to find a balance between simplicity and necessity.

Making the shift from consumer to advertising space is difficult; projecting where the market is is the hard part. Something I’ve learned along the way is not being overly optimistic about the rate of change of the market, and knowing when customers are ready.

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