Flite is thrilled to announce a partnership which offers Atlas customers a complete end-to-end workflow for rich media display advertising. This partnership combines the best of both worlds: the real-time and content-driven features of the Flite Design Studio, with the robust Atlas ad serving solution.

This integration streamlines the ad creation and campaign management processes for advertisers, covering everything from creative development to trafficking and metrics. Advertisers can now use Flite to build dynamic ads, traffic them through Atlas, and fully capitalize on metrics reporting across an entire campaign. 

Prior to this integration, advertisers had to develop ad creative, then import files to their ad server through a traditional set up. With this partnership, the workflow is seamless -- once you develop your ad creative in Flite, you can send it directly to your Atlas account with one click.

Flite is proud to be one of the first vendors that Atlas has partnered with via a direct API integration, and one of the first partners in the Atlas Partner Alliance program. This initiative provides advertisers access to the latest technologies without disrupting workflows or sacrificing deep reporting capabilities.

We’re excited to work with Atlas to continue empowering marketers and digital advertisers. Check out the full press release here.