Although digital advertising employs some of the most sophisticated web technology available, it's striking how behind the times the typical campaign workflow can be. In response to a need for a better way, today Flite is unveiling Campaign Studio, which will provide enormous efficiencies to a process that usually involves way too many spreadsheets.

Campaign Studio was built with ad ops, agency and media planners in mind, to save time in a process that is typically labor-intensive. You can now create, manage and measure the impact of an entire campaign. Tools are in place to segment your campaign into specific groupings of placements or ads that can be scheduled to flight together and grouped together for reporting purposes.

The Campaign Simulator is a great QA tool to ensure your ads show correctly for each media placement and date. And, vastly simplifying the tag management process, a single tag can be generated for each ad size, reducing time from kickoff to launch.

Want to create your first campaign in Campaign Studio? Visit your Flite Dashboard and select Campaign from the Make New Item drop-down.

Visit our Help Center on Campaign Studio to learn more about how to get the most out of our newest Platform extension.