Replete with blisteringly cold weather, January was a newsworthy month across the country. It also happened to be a busy month on the Flite blog. In case you missed any of them, check out below the January 2014 posts that were most popular with our readers.

5. How Video Will Transform Retail

In this guest post by Joyus's VP of Business Development, Guy Gal, the case is made for video as the medium to bring the vitality and fun of IRL shopping to online. Despite Amazon, eBay, Overstock and others making tremendous inroads into changing our shopping patterns, they only capture 6% of the US retail market. Guy Gal explains why video is poised to help online take a bigger bite of the very large retail pie.

4. What Every Marketer Should Know About Event Analytics

In this popular guest post, Keen IO's developer evangelist, Justin Johnson, explores the importance of really understanding event analytics, or the various actions users take on a digital creative such as an ad. As online and device monitoring technologies advance, we have a much wider breadth of data to make use of. The challenge is understanding what's being measured, and analyzing it in a way to help shape future performance.

3. Looking Back at 2013

In this well-received post, Rob walks us through Flite's major milestones of this past year. With significant platform enhancements and features, partner announcements, and growth, it was a banner year for us at Flite, and this post explains how in just enough detail. If you weren't aware that we incorporated asset management and versioning in our platform, published three eBooks, and got an investment from Iris Capital, for example, this post is for you.

2. How Paid Content Distribution Works with Display Ads

Content marketing has been exploding, but there's only so many eyeballs across your owned and earned media. Rob's post explains how display ads can be traffickable receptacles for brand content, opening up the audience for videos, recipes, social media feeds, and other content that marketing teams carefully craft. Other strategies for getting the most bang for your content marketing buck are touched on, as well.

1. Flite Powers CONTENT@SCALE, SMG's New Real-Time Content Solution

Flite and Starcom MediaVest Group launched, with the frenzy of tech conference CES as an appropriate backdrop, CONTENT@SCALE, a platform that allows brand advertisers to easily select timely, topical content from premium publishers and stream them into mobile and display ads in real-time. This blog post includes excerpts from our joint press release, our CEO Will Price's thoughts in a special Advertising Age supplement for CES, as well as coverage by Re/code, MediaPost, Folio Mag, and other industry news sources. It marked the start of an exciting new program we're proud to be a part of, and look forward to seeing grow in the new year.