Our customers recognize that we’re constantly striving to provide newer and better ways to do advertising. We’ve built our company around a technology that enables our customers to build, traffic, and measure interactive, content-rich ads at scale. As I touched on in my year-in-review post, we are fortunate to work with strong partners who are empowering us to build on this technology with continued innovation. One of these key partnerships is with Publicis Groupe.

Our flagship product with Publicis is the disruptive CONTENT@SCALE, which we power for SMG. This product streamlines the process of content marketing in paid media, bringing more value to digital banners, mobile, and native formats. Mobile and native executions are new to the market and we're excited to see newly launched campaigns and great results for our brand partners.

Equally exciting is the work we're doing with AOD and programmatic partners. Flite ads are known for storytelling and when integrated with data and programmatic buying platforms, this storytelling scales up to meet the needs of even the largest brand campaigns. Using our programmatic product, Flite Autopilot, brands will be able to creatively decision their media in a dynamic fashion, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

An interactive Datastream ad example

Finally, we've rolled out some exciting new initiatives using social media content in various forms of display. The principal is simple: brands are being extremely creative in their social channels, but the reach through these channels is limited. The Flite platform lets brands source this creativity for campaigns that run at the scale of digital display. For instance, we recently partnered with SMG and AOD in leveraging our Tweet Display for Mobile product, through which AOD was able to scale high-performing Tweets on Twitter across premium mobile app inventory. We've also just released a new feature called Datastream that allows brands to express their social content in creative and scalable ad units. The ads are visually stunning and the campaigns run friction-free.

All of this progress comes out of the close partnership between Flite and Publicis Groupe—and we feel we've just gotten started. 2015 will bring a new wealth of brand campaigns built on top of our ever-evolving platform designed to serve the needs of the world's best brands, through the world's best agencies.