It's great to feel a sense of momentum when you’re building a business. That momentum comes from successfully hitting milestones and reaching stretch goals. It fuels itself through providing confidence to the team, building innovative new technology, and growing strong relationships with customers and partners. As we approach the end of the year, it’s great to feel the wind in our sails. I’d like to share how our momentum has picked up over the past several months and why we’re excited for the new year ahead.

Our strategy for 2014 can be summed up in three words: Mobile, Programmatic, and Native. Each of those approaches has driven goals for Product, Sales, and Customer Success. We chose our strategy in recognizing that Flite needs to support our customers with their current needs for dynamic and rich media ads while also being aware that our industry is changing and changing fast. Recently we've seen a real uptick in mobile for brand campaigns. That's an exciting change. We all know mobile ads aren't new, but branding in mobile has lagged behind additional forms like app install and other performance campaigns.

“Programmatic” might be the most heavily-used buzzword in the industry at the moment. Although Flite's been compatible with and running on programmatically-bought inventory for years, recently we've invested heavily in integrations with data and programmatic media, bringing automation to complex creative and media optimizations. We’re very excited to introduce these new features to our customers for use in their programmatic media buys and owned inventory, and also through some of our soon-to-be complete partner integrations.

“Native” may be runner-up in most overused term in ad tech, but it’s for a good reason. This year began with the launch of native mobile exchanges and since, there has been steady growth in integrated new formats for desktop and mobile web. Native can mean something very different to different publishers and advertisers, and I won't get into the debate here—but I will say that we've formed an opinion that native executions are a natural format for content advertising in display and we’re helping publishers and advertisers sell, build, and run innovative campaigns in native formats with great results.

All of this means there's a lot going on at Flite, and it could easily mean a sense of chaos and frustration. Our secret to gaining momentum while working on a complex series of projects has been to break them down into discrete elements with key milestones identified—and to make sure that we celebrate our successes and learn from any missteps along the way. A key example of this was our recent release of responsive ads. Responsive makes up one of the key milestones of our native strategy (along with Style Inheritance and what we call Datastream.) Truthfully, the right way to support responsive ads in our platform eluded us for a long time; it wasn't until we rethought the problem and broke it down into smaller parts that we began to make progress. We created four milestones within the overall responsive project and so far we've completed three of them. We publicly released our responsive solution last week, recognizing it was complete enough to provide tangible benefits to our customers while we continue to work towards the final milestone. This incremental approach has worked really well, encouraging a sense of momentum and confidence internally which has in turn enhanced creativity, team playing, and hard work.

We consider growing our team to be the most important ingredient in building a successful company. Hiring great people is especially tough right now but we've had a great month hiring. In fact, just over the past two weeks, Rick has joined as our newest addition to Sales, Caitlin as our CFO, Ryan as our SF Office Manager, and Julie as our latest Dev Ops Engineer. As we’re building great product, we’re also building a team of great people.

We’re fortunate to be a business with excellent customers, partners, employees, and some of the world’s best investors. But all of the momentum I've described can come to a halt if we don't hit our financial goals and grow the bottom line. With our record of consistent wins over the last quarter, we’re on track to meet these goals and close out the year successfully. Thanks to all of you who support Flite and we look forward to ringing in the new year with you.