2013 was a remarkable year for Flite. We saw impressions grow 2.75X from previous year, including a 24X jump in HTML5 ad impressions in particular. All the data clearly shows that the paradigm shift toward multi-screen advertising—ads that work on both desktop and mobile devices—is definitely underway.

In 2013 we also added many new staff members, with account management seeing the most new faces. Our once over-sized HQ in San Francisco has filled up, and we thank the continued growth of new and existing customers for it. Indeed, we are indebted to our customers for making 2013 such a pivotal year for Flite. Thank you for inspiring us with your innovation, and sharing in the vision of innovative, interesting, multi-screen advertising online.

Looking back on 2013, here were some of the milestone accomplishments at Flite:

Our first major feature release of the year was Layer Reporting. Added in January 2013, users could now see exactly which parts of the ad users were interacting with, in real-time or in aggregate.

In February, we debuted Report Studio, a comprehensive tool for quickly building reports on campaigns in Flite.

In March, Asset Management was incorporated into the platform, making it possible to publish real-time changes not only to ads, but parts of ads shared across multiple creatives. Want to update your logo (or any image, SWF, feed, or text) across all of your ads at once? There’s a feature for that.

In April, we took cloud-based agile marketing to the next level when we added Versioning, which allows users to view or restore any published version of an ad, and easily undo/redo changes.

Then in May our annual user conference, Flite Summit, was a smashing success. Attendance more than doubled from last year, as we gathered to network and hear speakers from Starcom MediaVest Group, Condé Nast, Mashable, CBS Interactive, and 24/7 Media. We promise to have a larger venue this year.

June held the biggest news of the year, when we received a milestone investment from Publicis through their investment company Iris Capital. The funding coincided with a new partnership with VivaKi to roll out the Flite Platform to the Publicis Groupe network of agencies. Since then we have begun working with dozens of new teams and brands.

In September we partnered with TRUSTe to offer the industry-sanctioned AdChoices button within Flite ads. The AdChoices button enables advertisers to self-regulate by letting consumers choose how their data is used.

October marked the certification of our first creative partner, Theorem, to help meet the rising demand for designers fluent in working in the Flite Platform. Expect to see more certifications in 2014.

November had major news when we released Design Studio HTML5, a next generation multi-screen ad creator. Design Studio debuted a potent feature set for HTML5 advertising that runs on both desktop and mobile devices—not to mention some powerful new functionality like Photoshop Import. With this release, we also started allowing anyone to create an account and build HTML5 ads for free (although serving these HTML5 creatives as ads still requires a contract). From this program we’ve added over 1700 new users in two short months.

At the end of the year we also quietly opened up Campaign Studio to a group of beta users. Campaign Studio is a game-changer for traffickers. It simplifies the modeling, trafficking and monitoring of complex campaigns, even if they contain hundreds of placements across different sites and ad sizes.

Last year we also created numerous quality assurance tools for our development team. This culminated in a project finished in Q4, code-name “Voltron, Defender of the Ad.” A full application itself, Voltron combines automation with many of our existing tools to ensure product quality remains excellent across all the combinations of browsers, platforms and ad servers.

In 2013 we also published 3 ebooks that have been downloaded thousands of times:

So, what does 2014 hold?

Well, we’re kicking it off with a bang on Monday and will be sharing some exciting news along with Starcom MediaVest Group. Beyond that, we have ambitious plans to grow our products and our business, and can’t wait to unveil what we have in store.

Stay tuned.