Last year, Oreo’s “dunk in the dark” tweet pulled the promise of agile marketing into focus for marketers of all kinds. As we approach this years contest, social media teams will no doubt assemble in their war rooms, hoping to have their own viral moment.

To get warmed up for the big game, check out how brands flexed their agile marketing muscles during The Grammys last week in this Digiday round-up of brand tweets. The results were mixed. Some brands nailed it; many didn’t.

Everyone seems to agree that Arby’s won the Grammy’s with the most viral brand tweet when they compared Pharrell's hat to their iconic logo.

“Can we get our hat back?” was not a small victory either. It got 5X more shares than “dunk in the dark.”

The Arby's tweet was so successful because the content that is actually valuable—in this case because it's funny—and authentic too. 

Oreo has subsequently been criticized by marketers for not providing enough value on social media. Their twitter feed is completely about Oreos, with post after post purely about the cookies. Some feel that following the Super Bowl buzz, Oreo missed an opportunity to connect with fans more broadly with fun, amusing, and leisurely content. So if you do hit it big, try to be ready to follow through for your new fans.

When planning your agile marketing during the big event, don't think everything has to be spontaneous. Improve your chances for having a viral moment by brainstorming probable scenarios and what you might say. Think about these eventualities:

  • Either the Seahawks or the Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII.

  • The weather is forecast to be extremely cold.

  • The half-time show will feature Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  • Some of the most comment-worthy content could come from other brands' Super Bowl commercials.

As you pull together your plans, make sure you have striking visual assets that are licensed or cleared for licensing. Study after study has shown that images and videos boost engagement on social channels. Put together templates in advance with tastefully branded backgrounds that can have text baked into them. Secure as much legal and creative approval as possible beforehand.

For images on Twitter it's best to have a 2:1 ratio of width to height (e.g. 600x300 px). Facebook images look great at 403x540 px or 806x1008 px.

You can take your Super Bowl investment one step further and amplify your content with paid media as well. This can take the form of sponsoring a post, or running parallel content on other channels like display advertising. 

There are many content and consumer engagement opportunities with rich media ads:

  • Polls

  • Contests

  • Breaking news

  • Slideshows

  • Streaming Video

Add social links or sharing buttons to your ads so that your paid media content can generate extra earned media during event.

We call this process of pushing content marketing into ads "paid media publishing." Want to learn more about? Check out this video.