The tenth annual Advertising Week kicks off in New York today, and naturally, we're excited about the topics and conversations that will recap the past year and in large measure shape how 2014 will unfold in digital.

Poring through the enormous 268-page guide, among all the speaker bios, lists of sponsors, and, of course, advertisements, there are some interesting tracks and sessions:

  • Mobile: Sessions focus on the continued rise of mobile as a primary screen, of multi-screen consumer behaviors and implications for digital advertising, the use of Big Data for targeting, budget allocation, smaller-screen creative development, and the tantalizingly-titled "predictive advertising".
  • Brand storytelling and user engagement: Includes discussions that cover innovative digital storytelling, making multi-screen campaigns engaging, Google/YouTube's "Engagement Project," and plenty of case studies in which brands successfully struck a chord with their target audiences.
  • Content marketing: It's gratifying to see this powerful marketing approach looked at seriously in the advertising world. A large three-part session explores technological impacts, and another session rounds up leaders from AOL, CBSi, and other digital media leaders to discuss branded content. Several other showcase case studies in which compelling content development was a critical element in developing a brand.
  • Native: Even though the specter of an impending FTC workshop on native advertising looms, forums on in-feed formats, conveying authenticity, native in apps and other non-web contexts, and
  • Video: Not exactly a new topic, but the sessions are timely given the continued evolution of the medium. The implications of the second-screen phenomenon and automatic content recognition (ACR), premium multi-platform video, consolidation in the industry, and innovations in monetization.

And if you're not able to attend Ad Week, don't toss out the guide just yet. There are a couple of dozen thought leadership pieces after the agenda and session descriptions that are worth perusing. Here are some highlights: 

  • #hashtag Advertising Takes Center Stage In 2013 (p. 108): Hits and misses among brands adopting an agile approach to Twitter involvement.
  • Top 10 Ways Mobile Turns Marketing on Its Head (p. 112): A distillation of the rapid flurry of changes brought on by the mobile revolution, and a wake-up call for those whose strategies haven't taken mobile into account.
  •  Going Mobile: How A Fragmented Platform Can Zoom To The Top (p. 114): A four-point prescriptive to making mobile work better.
  • 10 Digital Spectrum Shifts Impacting Digital Advertising (p. 118): Ten trends you might not have noticed but that have outsize implications for the future of digital advertising. "Advanced planning to immediate execution" is just one that we've noted and promote as part of an agile approach to advertising.
  • Uncertainty in the Digital Age (p. 250) and Communications Plan 2023 (p. 256): Two interesting speculative posts portend upcoming changes and how we can best prepare for them now.