More than half of marketers say that getting widespread distribution for content marketing is a major barrier to the content's success.

Check out this video which explains in 2 minutes how publishing content into advertising can amplify reach and give your content the distribution it deserves. 

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As a brand marketer in the social and digital era, it’s not enough to just

reach consumers, you need to engage and connect with them.

That’s why you update your sites and social media every day, with content that’s important, relevant, and provides value.

Because you’re trying to get through to an online audience that is tired of interruptive advertising.

It requires a shift from creative excellence to content excellence.

If your marketing is going to rise above the noise, you must match the speed and relevance of today’s web.

And if you want to make an impact, you must do it at scale.


Through Paid Media Publishing.


At its core, Paid Media Publishing means publishing content into advertising -- streaming in content like videos, social media and articles.

It’s being able to update your display ads in real-time, with in-the-moment content that matters to your consumers.

Paid Media Publishing is agile marketing, and content marketing, amplified by the reach of paid media.


Agility matters in marketing.

Deliver brand messaging in paid media with the same speed and efficiency you already do in social media and on your website.

Change your ad at any time, test versions, and find the best creative for your audience.

Or adapt ads to opportunities and risks as they occur in the market.

What if today’s headlines offered your brand an unexpected opportunity? Seize the moment! and immediately publish updates to your live display ads.


Don’t limit your most valuable marketing content. Amplify it through paid media.

Why wait for consumers to come to your website?

Give them a chance to interact with your articles, videos, and social content, where they are, right now.

In doing so, you’re combining the influence of content marketing with the reach of paid media, to create authentic engagement.


WIth Paid Media Publishing, you can deliver content marketing at unprecedented scale,

publish content updates to existing ads in real-time,

and connect with consumers with fresh and informative brand advertising.


Flite is the technology backbone of paid media publishing — powering agile marketing and content marketing at scale.