Native advertising is the biggest trend in online advertising this year — and one that will likely change how brands and publishers approach paid media forever.

To understand how the best early adopters are using native ads, we reviewed 9 prominent websites. We looked at what the native executions looked like, and why they work.

The results are compiled in this 27-page eBook.

Inside this eBook:

  • How native advertising can be defined in this rapidly-evolving space
  • Stats on native ad adoption by leading publishers and how native ads perform against standard banners
  • 9 examples of native ad executions on sites like, Business Insider, and Tumblr
  • Analysis of how these implementations work with these sites and their audiences
  • 4 trends we see across popular native ad approaches

Get in-depth breakdowns of native ads like this example from

This is a must-review resource for publishers looking to offer their own native ads, and for brands surveying what kinds of opportunities are available.

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