August might be the month that many enjoy the summer and time off, but our blog was abuzz with activity. Have a look at the five most-read posts for the month: 

5. Photography & Fashion Ads: How Color, Location, & Models Change an Ad’s Message 

Our intern Allison's post has a look at the many way aesthetics - from subject choice to color and backdrop - can create a range of moods and messages that fashion advertisers might want their brand associated with (or not). While this is particularly true for those in the sartorial industry, these insights could just as easily apply to other verticals as well.

4. Why Brands are Evolving Into Publishers 

Have you had a look at Coca-Cola's and Pepsi's homepages? Winnie's blog post points out that even these popular beverage brands have jumped on the content marketing bandwagon, taking lessons from their earned media and applying it to their owned and paid media. Read this blog post to understand why a third of surveyed brands have created content hubs for their B2C communications.

3. 25 Fascinating Stats on Native Advertising

If you've been tracking the explosive growth of native advertising, you might find these facts and figures eye-opening. For example, BIA Kelsey estimates that native advertising spend will grow 30% annually through 2017. Check out this blog post to read even more.

2. Examples of Native Ads from 9 Leading Publishers 

This blog post announcing the release of our most recent ebook on native advertising was a hit itself. The ebook examines native executions across a wide range of top publishers, including Mashable, USA Today, and Mobile. The ebook distills the four trends we see, as well as warnings about the sorts of practices that can undermine branding efforts.

1. 5 Home Pages that Double as Drool-worthy Landing Pages 

This guest post, authored by 99designs' Director of Performance Marketing, JoAnne Hart, was the most popular August post, despite it being published less than a week ago. JoAnne takes a look at five popular consumer services that cleverly turn their homepages into focused, highly-targeted landing pages. If you hadn't checked out this edifying post before, you're in for a visual treat.