I'm jumping the gun here, since we're not quite at the end of the month, but the 16 posts published prior to this one in this month have some clear breakouts when we take a look at traffic figures. Have a look what fellow readers enjoyed reading.

5. How Fictional Characters Successfully Market Their Brand 

Allison's post took at the brilliant multichannel marketing strategy for the television crime drama, Castle. In increasingly platform-independent media consumption patterns, the strength of media products and advertising campaigns will rely on their ability to create multiple touchpoints, reinforcing the excitement of a brand no matter where consumers are choosing to interact.

4. 3 Ways to Distribute Your Content Marketing at Scale

Content marketing is exploding, but traditional distribution channels' capacity to deliver it to target audiences can be a limiting factor. Rob's post describes three channels that can provide audience breadth for marketing content to maximize scale and ROI. 

3. 25 Stats About IAB Rising Star Ad Units 

The IAB Rising Star units have been out for a few years and are already the new standard for high-impact display formats. Allison gathered 25 stats you might find interesting about how these formats are being adopted and consumed by online users.

2. Agile Marketing Methodology Overview

 Agile marketing is a concept we're deeply invested in here at Flite (we even wrote an ebook about it). How marketing can adopt an agile approach to ensure more responsive, adaptive campaigns is distilled into this easily-digestible post by Rob.

1. Why The Customer Is Still King 

Authored by guest author, Jonathan TranPham, former head of marketing at online retailer Everlane, makes a strong case, replete with real-world examples, for turning to your customer base for inspiration and keeping your strategy relevant. Don't miss Jonathan's five essential pieces of advice, including using customer service feedback as a wellspring for product ideas.