With an emerging concept like native advertising, sometimes it's difficult enough to come up with a consensus on a definition, much less explain at a more granular level. But that hasn't deterred several firms from taking a stab at explaining what native ads are, how much they're expected to grow, and how they'll continue to evolve. And, best of all, they've digested their perspectives into easy-to-scan infographics.

Let's have a look at what these infographics will answer:

  • What is native advertising? What isn't native advertising?
  • How enthusiastic are publishers and VCs about native ads?
  • What are the challenges facing native advertising?
  • How effective are native ads compared to traditional banner ads?
  • What companies and publishers provide native advertising products?

Let's have a look:

Infographic 1 - Solve Media.

 Infographic 2 - Sharethrough and IPG Media Lab.

 Infographic 3 - Sharethrough.

Infographic 4 - TripleLift