You are more likely to climb and summit Mount Everest than click on a banner ad (Solve Media via Business Insider). But you’re more likely to engage with an IAB Rising Stars ad than reach the peak of Mount Everest.

As the internet delivers the fastest growing arena for advertising, brands are challenged to experiment with ways to catch consumers’ attention online. Although dated formats receive poor user engagement, others, such as those with rich content and interactivity, are far more successful at enticing users to engage. Publishers proliferated a wide range of innovative, larger-footprint ads to keep engagement up, and eventually the IAB created standards for a new wave of larger, interactive units titled “Rising Stars”.

Here are 25 IAB Rising Star statistics that shed light on how these eleven units (six display and five mobile) are being adopted in the industry:

1. 69% of agencies have heard of IAB Rising Stars. (Undertone)

2. 31% of marketers have heard of IAB Rising Stars. (Undertone)

3. “Users are 2.5 times more likely to interact with a Rising Stars ad unit than a standard ad unit”. They are also 2 times more likely to react quicker to a Rising Stars ad than to a standard one. (Marketing Vox)

4. Publisher respondents expect a 79% increase in the demand for the Rising Stars in 2013. (Undertone)

5. Agencies with large media budgets (>$10MM) had positive buying intentions for deploying Rising Stars. (Undertone)

6. “Mobile Rising Stars ads inspired 23% higher message recall, at 81% for users who interacted with them, versus 66% for those who viewed a standard banner ad”. (Marketing Charts)

7. 98% of agency respondents will maintain or increase their spending on the units in 2013, suggesting that they have seen strong performance from the units they’ve included on digital plans. (Undertone)

8. “Two-thirds of publishers overwhelmingly agree that the most attractive aspect of Rising Stars has been increased CPMs”. (Undertone)

9. “Slider had higher levels of awareness among more senior level agency respondents (81%) - directors and above - than among planners or buyers (73%)”. (Undertone)

10. “Users spent approximately 50 percent more time Universal Interaction Time (UIT) interacting with an ad through the Rising Stars format (5.8 seconds) versus the legacy standard IAB ad units (3.9 seconds)”. (IAB)

11. “Pushdown was the most highly deployed format in 2012, with approximately half of agencies and 42% of marketers utilizing this unit within their media plans”. (Undertone)

12. “Half of marketers and 58% of agencies plan to increase their spend in 2013 on Rising Stars”. (Undertone)

13. 60% of viewers who interacted with a Rising Stars ad agreed that it was attention grabbing, compared to 42% who viewed a standard ad. (Marketing Charts).

14. The “ability to run video” was the most appealing creative element/functionality in ads with 78% to agencies and 66% to marketers; while dynamic creative/messaging was 75% to agencies and 82% to marketers. (Undertone)

15. “Users also view ads longer, by 31%, with Rising Stars units versus standard formats”. (Marketing Vox)

16. Almost three quarters (73%) of agency respondents familiar with the Rising Stars stated they were either very or somewhat likely to buy Rising Stars in 2013. (Undertone)

17. “More than half of respondents indicated that they use Rising Stars for branding purposes, with less than 10% choosing direct response”. (Undertone)

18. “The rate by which consumers interacted with an ad Universal Interaction Rate (UIR) through the Rising Stars format compared with the older IAB standard ad unit more than doubled – 9.6 percent versus 3.9 percent.” (IAB)

19. A third of agency respondents said they use rising stars for both branding and direct response. (Undertone)

20. At agencies, directors or above were statistically more likely to select both goals - branding and direct response (43%) - than their planners/buyers (25%). (Undertone)

21. “The 6 mobile rising stars ad units enjoyed a 9.3% interaction rate (slide, swipe, tap), almost double the rate for the standard mobile banner ad (5.2%) analyzed”. (Marketing Charts)

22. “Brand-centric creative elements are most appealing to advertisers”. (Undertone)

23. “The level of adoption quickly dropped after Pushdown, with Billboard at approximately 25% and less than a quarter of respondents having deployed the other four formats combined”. (Undertone)

24. “Brand recall was an almost perfect 98.1% among those who interacted with the Mobile Rising Stars ads, compared to 83% for those who viewed the standard banner ad”. (Marketing Charts)

25. Publishers expect a 70% increase in Pushdown and 53% in billboard units. (Undertone)

The Rising Star units are relatively young—the display units were announced in 2011—but the demand for performance has encouraged rapid adoption. What is the next level of innovation for ad formats? Maybe less in terms of dimensions and expansions, and more in terms of functionality within the ad itself? Only time will tell.