It's always an interesting exercise in our offices to see which blog posts sparked a flurry of reads and shares. As we approach the end of the month, let's take a look back at the most popular posts published in June.

5. Injecting Rich Media with Content - Guest Post by Michael Goldberg, Martini Media

Michael Goldberg, Senior Director of Marketing at Martini Media, explains his firm's approach for identifying, selecting, delivering, and propagating compelling content for its high-end brand clients. He shares an example of an execution Martini Media developed for the luxury marque, Bentley, as well as its impressive results.

4. Why J.Crew Is Better At Content Marketing Than You Are

J.Crew, an icon of classic American apparel, understands content marketing, something made clear in Winnie's post. Deftly leveraging its catalog legacy in the development of its "style guide," J.Crew's evolution points to important implications for display advertising.

3. 5 Factors That Should Be Influencing Your Ad Product Strategy

The digital advertising business is a constantly evolving one, so missing some of these key trends can mean missed business opportunities. Rob's post highlights the five factors that must be part of a strategy to maximize the ROI of a publisher's ad real estate.

2. 4 Lessons about Marketing from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Not only for sweet tooths, or fans of this highly-popular children's book (and movie), for that matter. Willy Wonka was an inventor of legendary proportions; his marketing genius was never fully appreciated until Allison explored it in this popular post.

1. The Future of Social Media - Guest post by Meghan Keaney Anderson, HubSpot

HubSpot Product Marketing Manager Meghan Keaney Anderson describes how social media marketing has changed, recounting the early stumbles marketers made and how a deeper understanding of what truly works in social media has surfaced better practices. Meghan's post also charts how social media marketing will take shape in the future.