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Why Brands Should Align Messaging with Content

With consumer engagement at a premium, it's been a battle for marketers to win a user’s undivided attention. Perhaps that’s because advertisers have been overly focused on selling vs. engaging. 

Consumers are not looking for the next great sales pitch, they are looking to be informed and entertained. By aligning brand messaging with relevant and compelling content, you are giving them the type of material that encourages them to read and share.

Whether the content comes from journalists or bloggers, it should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. According to CNBC, consumers are significantly more likely to remember an ad when it was integrated with compelling, meaningful content.

Successful content marketing is a strategy with two obvious pillars: content and marketing. ‘Content’ meaning the creation of original content or the curating of third-party content for the benefit of your audience. ‘Marketing’ means getting people to discover and engage with said content. Here’s how we are concocting content integration at Martini Media:

Contextualize – Find content that aligns to an advertiser’s specific brand message. Whether a brand has its own content that helps the audience learn something useful, or can align its marketing message with third-party content that compliments the brand, this is exceedingly the first step in driving engagement.

Curate – Integrate said content within high-impact, rising stars ad units. Simple lines of text are not going to move people to click and read. Highlight ideal articles with images or logos against the backdrop of an ad that is full of sight, sound and motion.

Serve – Deliver content-integrated ad unit across a network of highly engaging sites. Think about the audience you want to reach and the ones most likely to benefit from the content. Determine where the best place is to reach these users online.

Socialize – Integrate social media for users to spread the content across their personal networks. This will help you be in front of more eyeballs at no cost to you. If someone finds content compelling, they are more likely to share it then they would an ad itself. 

Understanding the importance of content marketing, luxury auto manufacturer, Bentley, proved to be a trailblazer in its category by aligning engaging video content with premium editorial content within the ad unit itself.  

Leveraging the IAB Portrait ad unit, Bentley aligned its brand messaging with relevant content from Forbes, bringing together two iconic brands synonymous for affluence. This exemplary execution was recently featured in Flite’s Essential Guide to Paid Media Publishing and boasted impressive engagement results.

  • An engagement rate of over 5%
  • Double the average engagement rate of similar ads
  • Average video play duration of 59 seconds

Check out the interactive ad unit here.


Michael Goldberg is the Senior Director of Marketing at Martini Media.

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