Publishers such as Forbes and The Huffington Post are turning towards real-time "newsrooms."

What do you get when you take the expertise of a top global integrated brand agency and combine it with one of the most highly-trafficked news sites on the web?

Real-time native advertising.  As of this week, The Huffington Post and Digitas have entered into a new partnership which will allow Digitas clients to quickly post content on The Huffington Post homepage.

The branded content, which ranges from Twitter-length text to slideshows or videos, will have a "Partner Content" label and can be published in as little as two hours.

Brands will be able to jump on a new subject while it's trending for consumers. The gains in relevance and speed-to-market provide brands a tremendous advantage in a fast-moving digital landscape. It's part of a greater trend of publishers establishing "newsrooms" that work in real-time to empower content decisions under tight deadlines.

By aligning with the movement toward native advertising, this partnership also allows The Huffington Post to offer "native" ad formats that command premium pricing compared to traditional display ads.

For the full story, see Ad Age's article titled Huffington Post Brings Rapid-Response Native Ads to the Homepage.