Last month I shared 8 ideas for content-rich ads, and I’d like to apologize. I shared some tips on what to do without giving any indication on how to do it.  

The concept behind content-rich advertising is that by providing entertaining and informative content right in your ads, you can interact with your audience directly on the page they are on, without forcing a click through.

One of the big challenges is how to fit content into the small real-estate of a display ad.

For instance, a lot of brands want to grow their social media following using paid media. The value of the content is already apparent in the social channels — so it’s just a matter of exposing an audience.

But for consumers, clicking through to a brand’s social site is too much to ask. They don’t like clicking on ads. And so by pulling your social content forward into paid media, you can demonstrate social value right there in the ad. If your audience likes what they see, they’ll reward you visits and follows.

Below you’ll see some example formats that feature a popular social post alongside a live social stream.

There are also examples of other types of content-rich ads, showing how to fit articles (or article snippets), recipes or image galleries into rich media in all the popular ad sizes.

Content-rich wireframes for 300x250 display ads

Content-rich wireframes for 160x600 display ads

Content-rich wireframes for 728x90 display ads

You can find these wireframes and more in our latest eBook, The Essential Guide to Paid Media Publishing. Paid media publishing takes the concept of content-rich advertising one step further.

Instead of thinking of display ads as fixed creative assets, think of them as satellite real-estate that complements your website, social media, and PR efforts. Your paid ad inventory is capable of being a dynamic content-delivery channel, which you can update by publishing new content or changes to the creative at any time.

To learn more about paid media publishing, download the eBook.