At Flite, we pride ourselves in embracing the marketing techniques that our Platform enables for our clients. Agile marketing, in which advertisers make small, timely bets to home in on responsive, optimized success, and paid media publishing, which melds the effectiveness of compelling, user-focused content and the scale of paid media, have been distilled into two ebooks authored by the Flite staff. Both ebooks detail the ways in which these approaches are revolutionizing display and mobile advertising.

The Ultimate Guide to Agile Marketing in Display Ads covers:

  • agile marketing basics, and how they apply to the development of display campaigns
  • how a digital advertising team needs to be structured for agility
  • how news and changes present high-ROI opportunities to agile marketers
  • real-world examples of start-ups' and Fortune 500 companies' successful use of agile techniques in their approach to display ads

The Essential Guide to Paid Media Publishing: Scaling Content Marketing into Display Advertising explores:

  • what paid media publishing is, and how it extends your content marketing efforts
  • how compelling content developed for owned media can be streamed into paid placements
  • what kinds of content can be pulled into display advertising, and how new technology is enabling their real-time distribution
  • case studies with performance details, as well as ad format examples

Both ebooks are available as PDFs for easy reading on your computer or mobile device.