The Flite Summit was a smashing success yesterday! We had over double the number of attendees from the previous year and we're recapping the event for those who couldn't make it.

There were themes among the presentations from our all-star speaker lineup, including executives from Starcom MediaVest, Conde Nast, Mashable, 24/7 Media, Wikia and CBS Interactive.

Here are some recurring terms that came up throughout the day and quotes from the speakers on a variety of salient topics:

  • Native
  • Programmatic
  • Content in Ads
  • Responsive formats that work with multiple screens
  • Greater need for speed and scale (approvals, creative, content)
  • Partnerships between agency/ brand /publisher to deliver great experiences to consumers

On creating content:

"Advertisers must create content on their site that users find value in and is inherently shareable.” -Robyn Peterson, CTO, Mashable

On native advertising:

"Native advertising is the biggest trend of this year." -Cameron Connors, Managing Director, The Studio at Condé Nast

“Facebook and Twitter ads ads are not that much more sophisticated than Adwords with a picture, and not that engaging." -Robyn Peterson, CTO, Mashable

On agility: 

“Four days to approve is time that you don't have. There need to be improvements to the approval workflow.” -Jonathan Tabak, VP, Ad Products at 24/7 Media

“Always on — consumers demand it.” -Jonathan Tabak, VP, Ad Products at 24/7 Media

On a programmatic approach:

"Gone are the days of creating one-off executions." -Cameron Connors, Managing Director, The Studio at Condé Nast

“As we moved into programmatic ads, creative declined more and more. We need to remove constraints so design can flourish, but also with standards so designers don't go wild.” -Jonathan Tabak, VP, Ad Products at 24/7 Media

On relevance:

“Distributing curated or owned content in places where it's contextually relevant." -Lindsay Lichtenberg, VP, Publishing Platform & Partnerships at Starcom MediaVest Group

On click-through rates:

"99.9% of people don't click on ads, and those who do you really don't want to meet!" -Adam Carey, Vice President of Ad Operations at Wikia

Here are a few photos from the event. We'll have a Flickr album with pictures from the entire event coming soon. Thank you to all of our customers, partners and speakers for making this event a valuable experience!