Wikia, the leading network of collaboratively-published video game, entertainment, and lifestyle content on the web, recently sought to promote Qwizards, a video quiz series out of its Video Game channel in which gaming enthusiasts compete on trivia.  

Wikia used Flite’s Ad Studio to create half-page ad units with 10 different “webisodes” whereby users could view and learn more about the quiz show.

The first ad variant, using the Flite Carousel component to display the available webisodes, didn’t perform. Interaction and engagement metrics made it fairly clear that users weren’t grasping that they could watch videos within the ad itself. Using Flite’s real-time performance metrics Wikia was able to optimize across the test variants within hours.

Within a half hour of the variant campaign going live, Wikia’s ad operations were able to see the impressive impact of the change stream in the reporting dashboard. Ultimately the auto-play, no-sound video ad unit performed the best.

Read our case study for more details on this remarkable example of the power of real-time metrics and optimization.


Challenge: To promote Wikia’s online gaming competition series using a half-page ad unit with embedded gameplay video.

Solution: Monitor viewer’s engagement and interaction with the ad unit, especially the number of video plays. Iterate on ad unit format to maximize engagement, and roll out winning format across all Wikia properties instantaneously.

Result: Enormous engagement and interaction rate improvements. A tweak to the way videos were run resulted in a 27% increase in engagement, 125% increase in interaction, and a staggering 11x increase in video plays.