Source: Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hilton's Facebook strategy used to be basic: include photos of properties and beaches once in a while.

But in January of this year, the brand decided to leverage content to generate more engagements with existing and potential fans. This resulted in doubling the number of fans to reach 1 million in only four months.

How did the company do this? By creating a robust content calendar which includes a diverse mix of relevant, entertaining, and informative messaging. The types of content that Hilton used can inspire brands from a wide range of industries.

Here are examples of content ideas and different types of posts:

  • Brand news and initiatives
  • Promotions
  • Travel tips
  • Trends
  • Destination guides
  • Photos of property-specific content
  • Fun facts
  • Questions
  • Polls

After monitoring engagement, Hilton found that posts which highlight photos, pose questions or provide a call-to-action generate the most interaction, while photos of actual properties spark comments and feedback.

The company now has a team of brand and agency folks working on day-to-day social media and content management. 

The next step for expanding content and offering relevant information to customers in the right time and place — like customer service through Twitter — is by offering the same social media content that consumers love, and putting it in function-rich, interactive display ads to reach an entirely new audience through paid media publishing.

In this way, brands can repurpose the content they've painstakingly developed for social media and scale the best parts of that content beyond a single platform like Facebook.