Image Credit: TheCulinaryGeek

For most brands, consumer-friendly content marketing is already part of your day-to-day.

You have seen the benefits of content marketing on your site for lead gen or moving consumers down the funnel. You spend time and budget authoring content and building an engaging social media presence.

Yet your paid advertising continues to be planned and executed in a traditional manner.

Do you secretly want to adopt a paid content strategy to transform your ads into a vehicle for immersive brand storytelling?

Below are some examples of small bites of content that can thrive in ads and generate engagement and interest:


1. Social posts and feeds 

Having a great-looking social media presence? Adding your Facebook or Twitter feeds to your ads is a great way to give new distribution to the content your social team puts so much effort into.

You may already advertise on social media. Why not advertise with social media?


2. Help and how-to-choose articles 

The same content that adds value to help shape consumer opinion on your site or blog can be helpful in an ad as well, as long as word count is short enough to fit in the format. Expandable ads or scrollable formating can be helpful for longer-form content.


3. A fun or interesting video from your YouTube channel 

Have a video clip that is perfoming well on your video channel? If you think it has broad appeal, why not push it out into paid media?


4. Product information like photo galleries or a 360 product view 

Color choices, technical specs, key benefit statements or a fully-rotatable product view could be just the type of content to pull forward from your landing page right into your ads.


5. Maps and store-finders 

For retailers marketing to mobile users, don't just target by location — use it to your advantage by pairing smart maps with coupons for in-store offers.


6. Opinion polls

Have a clever survey with a question that just begs to be answered? Put it in your ad. An interactive poll that shows results upon submission can be an entertaining way to enage your audience.


7. Breaking news or meme-related content 

If news breaks out, take a cue from brands like Oreo, Tide and Audi and join the conversation. Show off your brand's personality, not just on your site and social media, but on paid media as well.


8. Recipes

Food and beverage companies can share recipe ideas in ads, giving the consumer not only a reason to buy the product, but something new to do with it once they have it.


If you have any other content concepts you use or enjoy in display ads, go ahead and share them in the comments section.