I recently took a scroll down memory lane at the Banner Ad Museum. I thought surely we've come a long way in advertising. Certainly it must be far better than I remember.

Yet 14 years ago, ads weren't much different than many I see today. 

Bank of America, then:

The text on this Bank of America ad cycles through a few different frames that explain their offer. 

Bank of America, now:

Nice design, sophisticated animation, and more compelling story-telling characterizes many of their current flash banners. 

Target, then:

This Target ad had the little red logos popping in, drawing attention to the word they surround. 

Target, now:

Again, better animations and a button as the call to action help Target elevate thier ads. But is this really that different from their 1999 banner? 

IBM, then:

The revolving door spins in this ad from 1997, drawing consumer attention. 

IBM, now:

Notice anything new here? How about everything?

IBM's 300x600 above uses a minimalist design to showcase video, streaming social content, and a downloadable whitepaper.


So, what type of "now" advertising do you prefer? As a consumer, which would you click on?

Note: "Now" ads were found on moat.com.