Ad with embedded pollOne of the most universally understood and accessible dynamic elements an advertiser might want to include in a dynamic display (banner) ad is a poll. Since visitors are typically used to seeing poll widgets on Websites and blogs, polls can be a simple, safe invitation for a visitor to interact with a dynamic ad and begin engagement with a brand.

Since polls must be able to capture, store, and access data, and render results dynamically, implementation normally requires an AJAX-enabled interface relaying information back and forth with a database on the backend. Flite Ad Studio 3 enables ad creators to embed polls without any coding, so that's what we'll use here. Let's have a look at how this kind of ad would look in the wild. UPDATE: Set up a free Design Studio HTML5 account and build a poll-embedded ad yourself!

In the example below, I've placed the poll as the default tab in one of Flite's standard ad formats, the Tab Set. I've created a simple one-question poll with three answers that clearly convey the whimsy of Talk Like Shakespeare Day. I engaged in a little ballot-stuffing in order to demonstrate how the results are displayed (although don't let that deter you if you'd like to vote yourself):

(function(){     var r = top===self ? top.location.href : document.referrer || top.location.href, m = r.match(new RegExp("[A-Za-z]+:[/][/][A-Za-z0-9.-]+")), c = '', e = encodeURIComponent;     var src = ['//',e(c),'&cb=',Math.random(),'&d=',e((m && m[0]) || r)].join('');     document.write('


Some of the design choices I made:

  • I kept the poll short so that scrolling is unnecessary. Longer polls include a scrollbar.
  • I chose a pie chart for displaying results (a bar chart is also possible).
  • I enabled a "return to poll" link below the results.

Once a poll has encouraged a user to interact with the ad, the barrier for further engagement—here with the Twitter and YouTube tabs—isn't quite so high. Consider it an icebreaker for user ad engagement!