Sean X, Creative Director at DemandBase sat down with us for a 90 second interview about why targeting specific companies is important.



What is DemandBase?

DemandBase has a technology that enables you to customize your website and delivery customized advertising, based on the company that someone is at.

Why is customizing advertising to a specific company important?

Look, we're all blinded by all the advertising on the internet right now. It's not specific to us. And there is a lot of information about personally identifiable information or behaviorally targeted advertising but what DemandBase does is it delivers delivers specific advertising targeted to specific accounts that you want to go after.

If I'm a B2B marketer, I can't advertise on the internet. It's such a wide net. I can't even do demographic advertising on the internet because its not people that I'm interested in, it's companies that I have to sell my product into. DemandBase enables you to take advertising and deliver customized specific advertising to the accounts you want to go after.

We've seen phenomenal results from personalized ads. And I think one of the key aspects that you almost have to get marketers in these companies to move off of, is that when you're talking about delivering specific advertising to accounts its not about CTR. It's about increased activity from those accounts, because that's what actually drives your sales. Sales is what drives the performance of your company, if you're a B2B marketer. You say look, I'm advertising to Adobe, to Cisco... do I see increase in my activity from those accounts? If I do, success. And that's what we've seen from our advertisers.